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Rest in peace Vidar Mo

Kjetil Thunes pays tribute to Celtic man Vidar Mo on behalf of behalf of the Bergen Bhoys and Ghirls.

On Christmas Eve we got the sad message that our friend and fellow supporter Vidar Mo had been found dead earlier that day. His death was a terrible shock for everyone who knew him. It was a terrible accident, as he fell in the water in the City centre sometime late friday night or during the night, and was found in the harbour early on the 24th.

Vidar was a fantastic person and loved by everyone. He was funny and kind, had the biggest heart in the world, never had an enemy in his life but a million friends. He knew Celtic fans not only all over Norway, but all over the world. He loved to travel, and often combined that hobby with his interest for football, music and history, history, Ireland and politics comibined.

I had the pleasure to travel with him to countless Celtic games, all over Scotland, all over Ireland, England, and all over Norway and Europe to follow our local team Brann Bergen. The loss of such a good friend who meant so much to myself and many others is hard to take. I still cant get my head around it. Getting together to watch football, just go out or whatever the occasion might be, will never be the same again without Vidar and his dry jokes, the good atmosphere he always created and the nice conversations he had with everyone. You will never be forgotten my friend. Thanks for all the good memories

Vidar’s burial will take place at Åsane Nye kirke 10 mins outside Bergen City centre on Friday January 6th, at 14.00. Everyone is welcome and people will meet up for a drink in the City after. Contact Kjetil if you need more information.

Rest in peace Vidar Mo, 1965-2022


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